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The Power of anticipation

Updated: May 7, 2018

Living in Flatland

For those of you who don't know - Chicago is the flattest city on planet Earth. There is one small hill, but it is man-made and filled with rubble from the Great Chicago Fire that burned down most of the city in 1871.

Living in The Windy City for the last 6 years has left me yearning for some elevation change.

I have this dream that I drive across the country in an off-road equipped truck and explore mountains, deserts and forests.

Also, I am a total sucker for gear, so a new truck sounds like a great idea.

I find myself watching YouTube videos of people in their trucks and imagining I am along for the journey.

I have become like an obsessed 3 yr old with trucks.

Come on Aaron — Let's go on adventures together.

The test drive

I was so FIRED UP about trucks that I called a ton of car dealers last week looking for the exact right model.

The ride to the dealership was a ball of anticipation and excitement. I was rambling on about "locking rear-differentials" and "crawl control" while Katie (my partner) listened politely.

The test drive went great, but on our way back to the dealership, something went missing...The anticipation.

I thought my life would change when I got in that truck, and it didn't.

I would have thought that driving the truck would make me even more excited, but the opposite was true.

I didn't want it as much.

And the weird thing is, it had nothing to do with the truck itself.

I was getting addicted to the anticipation

The idea of getting the truck in this case turned out to be more exciting than actually doing it.

So what's that all about?

Once the anticipation disappeared, so did much of my excitement—leading me to believe that it was the anticipation I was excited about.

So this anticipation thing is pretty powerful, let's do good things with it.

- Aaron

Have you ever experienced the anticipation for an event to be more exciting than the event itself? If so, please tell me about your experience below.

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